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What have they done with the character books?

Okay, I do not keep up on AG news, but I got a new catalog in the mail this weekend and was so excited to see Samantha is back! I’m confused about this BeForever thing, though. Did they change the books? I read these books when I was little and was so excited to have my girls read them, too.

To the best of my knowledge they’ve split the series into first three and last three and combined each of those sets into one volume, with no changes to the text itself. Then they’ve also produced a book that allows for interaction from the reader. The new books have no illustrations, I’m told, other than the cover.

If you’re a super purist who wants your kids to have the six book series, I would get myself to a Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Hallmark Gold Crown*, etc. and pick up as many as I could find because they won’t last much longer. You may also be able to find the box sets on clearance on the website for a while yet, I don’t know.

It does seem like the currently archived dolls (MG/Cece, Ivy, Molly/Emily, Felicity/Elizabeth, Kirsten) are keeping their book sets as is for the present. I imagine if the main characters come back in the future, their books will be brought into the same format as the current dolls.

* I actually don’t know if HGC still sells AG stuff or even if it still exists but good luck

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Does anyone have any clue how long the new meets will be available separately? I came into BeForever with absolutely no money for buying dolls, but I’m worried I’ll be too late. :/

The only precedents we really have to go off here are the AG Today meet changes and when Felicity got her meet dress changed for the movie. The AGT ones, when they were available separately, were always made available for the duration of the meet outfit’s lifetime. But those changed usually every two years and I doubt that will be the case for the BeForever girls. As for Felicity, they did not actually retire the Traveling Gown as a separate option immediately upon its becoming her meet dress; it and the Rose Garden Gown were both still available sepatately for about a year after her movie collection was first released. (You just had to special-request the Traveling Gown the way you do replacement parts.)

Another thing I think might be comparable here is the older historical line clothing for girls. When Kit and Josefina were released, AG had stopped offering the full set of “my Halloween costume is Samantha” clothes for every doll, but they did make a girl sized repro of the meet outfit available for about a year after each doll’s release. Kit’s was revived for about a year when her movie collection came out as well. So since that seems to be the most common time period for comparable situations I would guess that that’s about how long we’ll have. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went away after, say, Christmas or the first of the year, either.

I’m fairly confident that everything else new not marked “limited edition” is more or less here to stay. So I would prioritize my purchases in this order:
- Old historical line stuff that has been rumored to be on the retirement list
- New meet outfits
- New BeForever stuff

But that’s just my best guess, don’t take it as gospel.

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Felicity Merriman and Colonial Williamsburg


At some point, I want to go with somebody (preferably with a specific friend in mind, you know who you are), I want to go to Colonial Williamsburg and do all the Felicity Merriman stuff.

Just note, please don’t judge me for sounding like a 10 year old in this post.

I want to find:

  • the Merriman House
  • Mr. Merriman’s Shop
  • Miss Manderley’s House
  • the Cole House (which I believe is on Nicholson St., or on one of the streets leading to the Governor’s Palace (I could so see Annabelle being so snobbish to Lissie because she lived on one of those streets I mentioned above instead of living on lowly (in her view) Duke of Gloucester Street))
  • Jiggy Nye’s Place

Find out how:

  • Lissie got over the Magazine Wall (Seriously, Lissie! How did you do it?!)
  • The paths she took to go to the above mentioned places

Lastly, Felicity Merriman get off that roof RIGHT NOW! I used to think it wasn’t any problem because you lived out in the country, but now that I know you live on the busiest street in the busiest town/city in Virginia, you NEED TO GET OFF THAT ROOF! It wouldn’t do for everybody and their cousin to see you sitting on the roof picking apples!

Also, I forgot to mention a few things:

  1. The Merriman’s are unusual in the fact that they don’t live behind the store and instead live in a completely different house. I read a fanfiction story once where Ben and Felicity lived behind their store and now it makes total sense.
  2. By the end of 1775, Ben would’ve turned 16 which means that he would be in Williamsburg’s militia whether Mr. Merriman likes it or not. And Ben is on it whether he’s an apprentice or not. (And Mr. Merriman is on it too, now that I think about it.) By the age of 17 1/2, Mr. Merriman would have to provide Ben with a gun, and enough gunpowder and shot as the militia says he needed for starting out. (I forgot how much that would be; I think it’s 1 pound of shot and 4 pounds of gunpowder.) Men and boys would be on the militia roster from the day of their 16th birthday ‘till the day of the 61st birthday provided they weren’t disabled or dead before then. Oh, and when the time comes, William would be on this list too, I bet.
  3. Considering the fact that Ben started his apprenticeship at the age of 15, I wouldn’t be surprised if his apprenticeship only lasted 6 years instead of 7. The two reasons why I think this is because the wheelwright I talked to at Colonial Williamsburg said that his apprenticeship (and he wasn’t being in character for this part) took 6 years, and two, when he starts his apprenticeship at the age of 15, in 6 years he’d be 21, which is the age he was considered to be a legal adult at that time. I forgot to mention that the wheelwright I talked to said that during the first two years of his apprenticeship, all he was learning how to do was to use the tools of the trade correctly, and that he wasn’t actually making wheels ‘till his third year. Based on that, I believe that the first two years of Ben’s apprenticeship with Mr. Merriman would be to bring deliveries to customers and to stock the shelves. He wouldn’t even learn how to figure out the prices and that sort of stuff until his third year is my guess.
  4. As for the Christmas Ball that Lissie attends, we know that she was invited by the Governor’s wife, whom I know, thanks to Colonial Williamsburg, was Lady Dunmore. Her husband, Lord Dunmore, was hated by the people of Williamsburg, especially the Patriots. And we can figure out from the books, that whatever the Patriots believe, we know that Ben will have twice as much passion for whatever they believe in, love, or hate. So, in this case, the fact that he’s willing to put aside (or more likely, hold it in, although still raging inside of him) his hate (which I bet is twice as much as Mr. Merriman’s hate) of Lord Dunmore to be Felicity’s escort to the ball is quite admirable. Also, considering the fact that the ballroom could only hold room for 40 people, truthfully, from the historical perspective on things, I doubt Lissie would actually be invited to the ball. But I bet you that the author does it for the sake of the story.
  5. I don’t remember if this was mentioned in the Felicity series or if it was in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, but I think there are two big reasons why Mr. Merriman tells Ben he can’t go off and fight until he’s 18 is because: 1. By the time he’s 18, Ben would’ve had 2 years of basic training, and 1 year under his belt of the more advanced training, like trying to figure out prices and stuff like that. (See #3 above for more information.) and 2. He wants to make sure that Ben knows EXACTLY what he’s getting into and knows EXACTLY why he wants to fight and not just go because he wants to be a part of the action.
  6. The only way Felicity was able to climb the Magazine wall that I can think of would be for there to be a bench next to the Magazine wall, one of the boys she’s with to stand on the bench, and for that boy to lift her up onto the wall. Or for her to stand on his shoulders, though I’m realizing that would probably be incredibly hard with her long skirts.
  7. Remember when they go check out the Magazine? I think if that did happen in “Happy Birthday, Felicity!” (though I don’t actually remember which book it was in), it would make complete sense because either Lord Dunmore did or he tried to (I don’t remember which) take all the guns, ammunition, and powder out of the magazine on the night of April 20-21, 1775 to make sure the Indians didn’t get to it and kill the people in Williamsburg (which is what he told the people), but it was really because he didn’t want the Patriots in town to get to it.

Hi! Um, a note on the Christmas Ball: if I’m remembering the books correctly, it’s not a Christmas Ball like in the movies, but a 12th Night (6th January) dance lesson for the society children in Williamsburg. The Peek into the Past blurb at the back talked about how this was fairly common in colonial times- dance masters would travel from town to town and these “lessons” would really be an opportunity to start putting into practice what they had learned in etiquette classes from their governness. Now, whether Felicity would have been in the top 40ish young gentlefolk in Williamsburg is debatable, but perhaps she got into the lesson on the reputation of her governness.

This does lead me to another question, though: was the circumstance of Felicity’s education- private lessons with what was apparently a very respected governness, given her connections and clientele- realistic for a family like hers at that point in time? They can’t have been cheap and her parents had three children younger than her to worry about as well as an apprentice to feed, clothe, etc. Or were the Merrimans already showing the “American Dream” ideal of actively trying to give your children a better life and range of opportunities than you had when you were young, regardless of the cost? (Annabelle would probably call it “social climbing”.)

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Submission:Hi! :3 What happened to the Grace Thomas pics? Can you send them to me?


I can’t if you don’t open your ask box! Alternately you can send me an ask off anon so I can reply privately with the link.

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I’m actually loving a lot of the new BeForever outfits. These are all both period-accurate (to the best of my knowledge) and really cute. I’m kinda PO’d that the Samantha one is part of a $70 set rather than sold as just the outfit for a reasonable price, though- I don’t really collect many accessories and that’s a lot for just an outfit.

Other notes:

- Not any furniture changes, as far as I can tell, which was quite the opposite of what I expected.

- Cecile and Marie Grace’s crinoline/chemise and lacy parasol have been moved to Addy and Samantha’s collections, respectively.

- There seem to be a lot of hats in the new outfit and accessory sets. This excites me, because I definitely appreciate hats.

- All meet accessories except Josefina’s are now just purse, headcovering, jewelry item- the coin and handkerchief are completely gone.

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whatsaftertheparty asked: Hi! Is it confirmed that Grace Thomas is going to be realised next year? She's so beautiful p, I'm sorry if you've been asked this loads of times I just love the 50's so I'm so excited to buy all the outfits! Xx

I honestly don’t know if anything is confirmed, but apparently she was supposed to come out this year with BeForever and was pushed back to 2015 when the company made the decision to bring back Samantha instead. I guess we’ll have to see!

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Anonymous asked: Tell us about the historical you are planning to create!

IDK all the details yet, but she’s going to be an African-American girl from a middle class background integrating a white school, probably in either Texas or Alabama because those are places I can easily get a lot of primary source knowledge on, and she’ll use this girl as the starting point (I probably won’t change any physical details, just the clothing.) I had kinda been hoping AG would take that tack with the 50s doll anyways but they didn’t, and I saw the blue and orange dress in Grace’s leaked photos and was like “WOW that would look great on darker skin I should totally do a created historical since we won’t get the real thing from AG.”

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Anonymous asked: Are you planning on buying any of the new beforever dolls/stuff? Do you think we will bet to see more previews soon? (:

Well I can’t say I’m planning per se as my purchases tend to be kind of spur-of-the-moment-when-I-have-money. And I’ll have to see what all they come out with in terms of outfits, but I liked the factory-escaped photo of Julie’s denim tunic and red bell-bottoms, so that will probably be high on my list, as will any of Addy’s new stuff if her new meet dress is any indication of the collection’s potential. I’m also curious about the new Samantha items, and if/when Grace comes out I will probably cannibalize a lot of her stuff to do my first created historical.

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Taylor and Ayden Her started an 18 Million Rising petition requesting that American Girl make a new Asian American doll to replace the soon-to-be-discontinued Ivy Ling, the only AAPI doll in the Historical Characters line. The company has refused to commit one way or the other, so now the girls are generously lending the toy maker a helping hand by gathering stories of real life Asian American women and girls to inspire a new doll. 
Help them tell ‪#‎ourAGstories‬ by submitting the name and sharing a bit of information about an AAPI woman or girl who inspires you: http://ouragstories.tumblr.com/submit


Taylor and Ayden Her started an 18 Million Rising petition requesting that American Girl make a new Asian American doll to replace the soon-to-be-discontinued Ivy Ling, the only AAPI doll in the Historical Characters line. The company has refused to commit one way or the other, so now the girls are generously lending the toy maker a helping hand by gathering stories of real life Asian American women and girls to inspire a new doll.

Help them tell ‪#‎ourAGstories‬ by submitting the name and sharing a bit of information about an AAPI woman or girl who inspires you: http://ouragstories.tumblr.com/submit


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Anonymous asked: what do you think about the new things american girl released recently?

A lot of them are very cute! And I am SUPER happy that they finally have a real redhead moddie again. (With the green eyes she almost looks like a Not!Felicity… hmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)